Announcement: RG Deals is Moving to YouTube

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

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I have a blast every week hosting the RG Deals. I love your level of engagement and enthusiasm you bring to every broadcast. I get a kick out of reading all of your comments; they definitely make me smile. Seriously, though what better way to start off the week than with a little paper crafting fun. Every week it’s my goal to offer you a little laughter and show you some fun techniques to elevate your craft. We even offer RG product at discounted prices with free shipping. What the what! 

As I continue to bring the craft to you, it’s important we at the Journey station provide for you the best opportunities and platforms to watch and engage with us. Facebook was our initial test for RG Deals, and it’s worked well.

I’ve been thinking, how can I make RG Deals even better.

I come up with a solution; starting next Monday, I am going broadcast my first RG Deals broadcast on YouTube – click here to watch.

Yes, it’s that simple!

2 Things you must know about the Team Richard Garay YouTube live broadcast:

1. You must be logged into your Google account to comment during the live broadcast. Just like Facebook, there’s a box for you to add your comments. Please, login to your Google account before the broadcast so you can post your comments. I want to read them. If you don’t have a Google account, click here to set one up.
2. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, click here Richard Garay, and it will take you right there. As we grow the channel, your input is valuable.

Every week we will send out the link to the show. Click the link, and you’re there. I want to see all of you every Monday. You don’t want to miss it. I will have some super cute giveaways.

I will see you Monday at 12 pm EST 10 am MST or 9 am PST on my YouTube channel. Be there or be square.

Make Amazing Happen,
RG Out

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