The Many Ways to Begin Bible Journaling

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

bible journaling for beginners - Richard Garay Blog

Bible journaling is a powerful way to blend in your personality and creativity while connecting with God’s Word.  It provides an escape from daily stressors and creates a meditative-like focus, allowing you to interpret the message and process the context of your chosen section, verse, or scripture. If you have ever been curious about taking up bible journaling, but were hesitant or unsure you could produce the same colorful masterpieces you see decorating the Pinterest walls—the great news is, you don’t need to be an expert artist at all! In fact, there are many other bible journaling techniques for you to try that will still get those creative juices flowing as you bring the scripture to life!

If that still doesn’t convince you to start decorating the pages in your bible, you can always go out and purchase one made specifically for bible journaling that provides larger outside margins to showcase your art. This also helps to keep the artwork from covering or washing out any of the original text.

Getting Started…

First, you want to find a bible to journal in! You can find these at any local Christian bookstores, select craft/hobby stores, or (of course) Amazon! Once a journaling bible has been selected, you can then pick out a favorite verse or book in the Bible to get you started. This way, you are already familiar with the Word and it holds a personal significance that speaks to you. Think about how it translates to you and let the creativity begin!

Here are a few ways you can bible journal outside of drawing by hand:

Stamp Images

Bible Journaling with stamps- Richard Garay Blog

If drawing is not your thing, stamping them in will allow you to color in the images and still create a bright and beautiful page. Fun Stampers Journey’s Faith Journey collection offers a selection of biblical images and verses set to both inspire and motivate. Chipboard and vellum pieces with similar biblical prints can also be included on your page to give it some added dimension and pop.

Modeling Paste

bible journaling with modeling paste- Richard Garay blog

Create detailed impressions using modeling paste with your choice of die. Use the die as a stencil to essentially imprint the image onto the page.

Washi Tape

bible journaling with washi tape- Richard garay blog

Highlight portions of your favorite scripture or a verse you would want to reference again with a strip of colorful washi tape.

Die Cut Images

bible journaling with die cut images- Richard Garay blog

If you’re worried about ink potentially bleeding to the other side of the page, consider die cutting stamped images from a separate piece of paper or cardstock, then adhering it onto the page instead. This also gives you peace of mind in knowing that you have a lower chance of making any permanent mistakes. The RG Make Amazing Happen collection offers a gorgeous selection of floral stamps with coordinating dies along with encouraging sentiments to create vibrant bible journaling pages.

And of course, you don’t ever have to stick with one type of Bible journaling. Continue to broaden your options as you start to become more comfortable with the activity. If this is something you’re interested in, try it out and send us your photos! Take a picture of your bible journaling works of art using any FSJ or RG retail products and we’ll share it on our social media!  Tag us @TeamRichardGaray on Instagram or Facebook.


Time to get journaling!



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