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Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Spring is finally here–

Let’s put away those heavy jackets, pull out the pastels, open up some windows, and of course do a little Spring cleaning! As we all know– a clean home is a happy home—however, the same could be said for your crafting space. Luckily, the ladies of Richard’s Make Amazing Design Team have offered to share some of their best organizing tips and tricks to help keep your craft room neat and tidy all year long!

Beck Beattie


I like to keep any frequently used tools visible and accessible in my craft room. For example, my color splash sprays are something I always have out on display; this way, I can choose just the right color with ease. For this, I decided to use a brushed chrome curtain rod to store my sprays; the bottle’s large handle allows them to sit on the rail perfectly. I keep them in color order so they always look neat and organized along the wall!

Mou Saha

My tip for organization is super simple–Keep similar items together; Ink Pads, Spray Mists, etc. I keep mine in boxes from Ikea for easy access, so when I create, I can just pull out the box and put everything back in it when I’m done. I keep the boxes in bookshelves where I also display my finished projects as well!

Mariana Grigsby

I like to have my gemstones, pearls, and enamel dots organized inside photo albums. Those are the inexpensive photo albums you can find at almost any store. I have my supplies organized by brand.

I also have the cardstock organized by brand and inside 12×12 organizers. In each organizer, I have the cardstock separated by color and labeled with its name. I use heavy duty page protectors for each color and I love that I can also store my paper scraps.

Patricia Roebuck

Look for containers in the organizational sections of bath and kitchen departments. I use a ramekin for my extra blades and the Bloom Tool attachments. The dollar section at Target will sometimes carry these, but any kitchen aisle in stores would have a variety of them. I use a clear holder on my desk (found in the bathroom section at Home Goods) to keep my most commonly used tools always at arm’s reach. Another useful tip I had recently discovered was keeping a small bowl at my desk to place used baby wipes in. This keeps it from ruining any projects or paper by mistake; plus, I’ve noticed this helps it stay wetter longer!

Laura Williams

One item of clutter that accumulates in my craft space is all the extra little bits of die-cut, punched and stamped elements I create, but don’t necessarily make it onto a project. I’ve found that if I gather them in a basket rather than throw them out, they’re frequently perfect on other projects! Plus, I’m far more likely to use small punched or die-cut elements if they’re already at hand and ready to go. Whenever my crafty mojo just isn’t flowing, I’ll spend a few minutes die-cutting or punching commonly used shapes and adding them to my basket – that way they’re ready to go! More often than not, something in that basket will jumpstart my creativity and another project is suddenly coming together before my eyes!

Isha Gupta

I like to keep my inks and sprays lined up along the shelf. Seeing all the colors together helps to inspire me as I begin my next project.

Michelle Woerner

Michelle shares a few images from her craft room.

Coming Soon!

Richard will be sharing a look inside his updated craft room– In the meantime- Enjoy a look inside his creative space, HERE!

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to redecorate or organize your crafting space. If you have any helpful tips on how you keep your craft room organized, please share in the comments below! Also- share any photos of your crafting space with us on social media @TeamRichardGaray on Facebook and Instagram.


Happy Cleaning!


-Team RG

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