What Crafting Can Do For Your Mind, Body, & Soul

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017


March is National Craft Month, which means we have a full 31-days dedicated to recognizing all the incredible benefits that come out of this wide world of creativity through crafting!


All too often, we become bogged down with the everyday hustle and bustle –so it’s understandable to forget the importance of taking a little time for yourself. Engaging in craft activities has been found to increase happiness, ease stress and offers a myriad of other amazing qualities that will positively impact your mind, body, and soul. Therefore, ensuring you find that one moment or opportunity to disconnect from all electronic devices, and reconnect with your own creativity and personal self has never been more important for your health!


Awaken Your Creativity

If you don’t remember the last time you’ve engaged in a DIY project or craft, then we highly encourage you to get those artistic juices flowing! It’s easy to allow our right-side of the brain to grow dormant over time without the encouragement from childhood art teachers forcing us to exercise our creativity. Then, of course, there’s always the insecurity of not knowing what to create or where to start. If this is where you find a road block- consider using a craft kit to ease yourself into an artistic hobby. Fun Stampers Journey offers, Bloom Box, a pre-cut and kitted craft subscription box delivered straight to your door each month. Inside, you’ll find an exclusive stamp set and kitted cards to inspire and reduce any feelings of uncertainty that come with having to design your own layouts.


Spread Happiness

Let’s not forget the incredible feeling that comes while doing nice things for other people. Whether it’s sending a little card to tell someone you love them or a note to express your appreciation—these tiny reminders can leave a huge impression on someone else’s day. With everything going on in the world today, it is just too easy to focus on the negative. Instead, why not be the change and strive towards turning things around? One way Richard supports this behavior is through his Make Live Share (MLS) campaign. MLS is all about creating a project and sharing it with others as a way to spread simple acts of kindness. He encourages you to share these moments with us by uploading your stories onto his blog in hopes that these small gestures will inspire others to expand upon movement.


Find Your Creative Zen

In addition to the wholesome feelings you receive by instilling positivity onto others through craft, engaging in these artful activities can aim to improve your mental health by delivering similar effects to that of meditation.  There is just something so calming about cutting paper, coloring inside clean lines, or piecing together a personal project. During these moments, we remove ourselves from any background noise that surrounds us, to focus on completing the task at hand. Such attentive motions help to center our thoughts and zone out from all the tiny life distractions that can so-easily stress and overwhelm us each day.


Other Benefits You Can Strengthen or Improve Through Crafting:

-Hand-eye coordination

-Problem Solving

-Spatial Awareness

-Connected community

-Sense of pride and accomplishment

-Decreased feelings of anxiousness/depression


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Happy Craft Month, Everyone!


-Team RG




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