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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

What an exciting day! I get to share my creative space with you. I love spending time in this space. One of my favorite things is having everything available at my fingertips. I must admit, I sometimes struggle with how much to showcase or do I keep it practical and less cluttered. Sigh. Here are some views from my creative space.
Blog-MyCreativeSpace_image1As you can see I love to work at a counter high table top. I also like to showcase all my cardstock or at least most of my favorite colors right where I can reach them. I love the mason jars full of goodies I can play with. I don’t let anyone use them or else my jars would be empty… LOL! Can you relate?
Blog-MyCreativeSpace_image2I do love my little sewing space and wall full of memories and projects that I have created or that have been created for me. The black photo boxes allow me to label and categorize my over stock of product… such as sponges, adhesive, glitter and other product.
Blog-MyCreativeSpace_image3My craft room allows me to breath, dream and envision where I will be going next. I gather here with special friends and create fun filled projects that I hope will inspire one or two people. I hope you find this space inspiring and that you too have a creative space to call your own.

For a detailed tour of my craft room join me for this little video tour.  Click here to take a tour!

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