Richard Reveals His Top 5 Summer Card Projects!

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

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Now today we’re going to discuss…

Richard’s Reveals His Top 5 Summer Card Projects!

Did I just write that in the third person, lol? I promise I don’t create in the third person 🙂

Here are my Top 5 Summer Projects, revealed.

1. “All in Good Time”

This project “All in Good Time” inspires a mixed media component. I love the embossed look on regular color card stock and the use of the background to highlight the foreground. The colors really pop and I enjoy the different tones in this project.

2. “Amazing You”

The look is simple and fresh with a fun and water color look and feel. The colors in this project transition from spring to summer. The sentiment pops with the light colors. “Amazing You” looks like a piece of stationery.

3. “Hey You”

I’m big on layers. Sometimes my card projects require a box instead of an envelope. I’m not kidding. I really love adding the pop it up element on my projects. “When in Doubt?” This Origami project is playful.

4. “So Dapper”

Great dude gift. Inspired optimism and freshness. Clean simple and masculine. Ageless design. Bring out the dapper look and feel in your next card. I love this for summer, but I love it all year round. Always stay dapper.

5. “Sunshine Today”

Textured and vibrate. The sentiment is positive and promotes the importance of living in the moment. Cards are meant to create an emotion and what better way to offer such a positive sentiment that promotes the “Now” Live in the moment and make today the best day of your life. If I can say so myself, I love that Journey Glaze detail on the sentiment.

If you know me, it’s hard for me to color inside the lines. Meaning, I like to push the creative envelope. With that said, here’s my sixth favorite project of summer.

6. “Happy Birthday Silver and Gold”

Can you not see this style of a card at a wedding. The Black and Gold detail compliments a beautiful summer beach feel with an elegant tone. “Create amazing” in the biggest moments of the people’s lives around you. This card offers the opportunity to give someone creative elegance no matter what the occasion.

So what do you think? Do you love these as much as I do? Each card offers a different design aesthetic and element. That’s one of the things I love about these collections, they offer designer versatility.

If you would like to own any of these collections or stamps. Click on the project title or the picture that will take you to the store.

Honestly, as I’m about to close here, I can’t believe July is almost over and we’re moving into August. If you blink it will be Christmas, oops, ok, yes I just said that. Anyways, I have some awesome things I want to discuss the RG Brand, so click here to watch a short little video on my Youtube Page.

“Make Amazing Happen”


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